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The pictures shows a pair of woman's feet wearing cable knit teal socks. In the background is a river with buildings in the distance.

Whimsical and Quirky Designs

Knitting patterns and huggable creatures

Teresa, a young woman with brown hair and glasses, smiles at the camera. She wears a white shirt, and is holding a small hand knit rabbit.

About Me

Hello! I’m Teresa, a Canadian knitwear designer living in Halifax, NS, with a passion for small moments of joy. A few fun facts about me- I previously majored in classical music composition at university and I'm a huge introvert. I love cooking, reading, and baking, and I can most often be found in a coffee shop (or hiding at home, see re: introvert).

All my knitting patterns are made to be fun, quirky, and approachable, with the occasional challenge mixed in - but that's not all I do. I also knit stuffed creatures, who are made with the express purpose of making you smile, bringing you comfort, and being a source of whimsy in your life. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message!

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